Mina Kwon

my biggest insPiration P!

#INSPIRATION Apr 15th, 2014


step yo sticker game up!

#OTHER Jan 14th, 2014




workin on new stickers….=)

Happy New Year!!

#INSPIRATION Jan 1st, 2014

-7 -10

Let’s Make this year BIG!!!



what’s your new year’s resolution…?!

#INSPIRATION Dec 31st, 2013

IMG_5603 IMG_5602 IMG_5600 IMG_5596 IMG_5589


Dream! Believe! do! repeat…

love this quote from Diddy…

so i made this art!

plz enjoy and get it!

get HAPPY!

happy new year! =)

customized my own timbs..

#INSPIRATION / #OTHER Dec 31st, 2013

IMG_5604 IMG_5607 IMG_5608 IMG_5606


what do u think?! lol

here we are, the world is ours =)

#OTHER Dec 23rd, 2013



does anyone remember the Richie Rich comic?!

i drew my version of Richie Rich…

i named this boy – the fuckin’ boy! lol

hope u guys enjoy my art and get rich =)


my Holiday drawing ft. Zoro, BBC, Jays

#OTHER Dec 23rd, 2013


yeah now i’m re-reading the onepiece comic book…lol

zoro is my fav character!

hope u guys like this Zoro..=)

Happy holidays!

new work : We’re Blessed ft. Michal Jackson

#INSPIRATION Dec 18th, 2013

IMG_5579 IMG_5576 IMG_5575 IMG_5572 IMG_5571

the King, Bee line X timbs, Chanel Jacket, Pharrell’s perspective chair..

and happy sunflowers~

hope u guys enjoy my work! =)